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  • Seminar Schedule I.
  • Introduction 2.
  • Characteristics of a National Political Economy 3.The Relationship of Business and Government 4.The Labour Movement and the State 5.The Politics of Regionalism and Nationalism 6.
  • Movements of Protest 7 'Big Government s or the Social Welfare State fl a Allen Seager #;O2Z Tel.
  • Your grade, if this is acceptable to yOu all, will he comprised of 50%written assignment, 30% seminar discussion and participation, and 20% for seminar presentation.
  • Bryan Palmer, "Kingston Mechanics and the Rise of the Penitentiary, 1833 - 1836," Histoire socialef Social History, 13 (1980), 7 - 32. Paul Craven, "The Law of Master and Servant in MidNineteenth Century Ontario," in ...
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