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  • Janet Blanchet 7 Secretary to the tary to the Senate Committee on ............ère 1acu1ty o tntei kliIplInãry sc tüdIè ........
  • gr4ua...Studiçs.
  • These skills .../22 23 -22may bedemonstrated through an audition/interview or by completion of FPA 14 .• (formerly FPA 105) Introduction to Music Performance.
  • As interdisciplinary work-is not an opportunity readily available at other institutions, the inclusion here highl.ights the uniqueness of musical activity at Simon Fraser.
  • in course description, prerequisite and vector Present: FPA 340-3 Music Composition and Performance II 2-0-4 Advanced study of and exercises in the craft of music composition, with emphasis on the parameters of rhythm, ...
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