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  • William Vidaver Chairman E.
  • H.
  • Gibson C.
  • Kirchner John Matthews C '7 /q 1e9 April 4, o.
  • Tk M ON T.PM Th&a Committee hs conttnued its discussions On Senate ç'nrti.cipa tion in questions of faculty appoinment8, contract renewals, sa.iry increases, promotions and tenure.
  • WE V/md cr::1. cc to: Members of Senate Ierbero of the Doerd of Governors ?emberQ of the Salary and Promotions Coittee Fn'u1ty AssociatiOn Cocutiv2 Dean MacKinnon Dean Funt Dean Matthcuo . Separation by termination of appointment, for reasons cctahle to Dean, hut ithout necessarily a spe .fic1 cause, by C',iS1 it Zfl\7 tLI3 .or Cause. Termination of probationary appointment otherwise fo1licd either by ra pointmont or by ...
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