1. 15 in favour.

K.T. Strand
R.J. Baker (left 11:30 P.M.)
D.A. Baird
K.R. Burstein
M. Collins
B. D'Aoust
J.S. Foulds
B.L. Funt
E.M. Gibson
W.M. Hamilton
R.J.C. Harper
D. Korbin
A.R. MacKinnon
K. Okuda
K.E. Rieckhoff
G.A. Rheumer
G.B. Sperling
D.C. Tuck
W. Vidaver.
J. Walkley
W.E. Williams
S. Wong
H.M. Evans
D.A. Meyers
Recording Secretaries
J. Smedley )
A.E. Branca
J.L. Dampier
A.J. Ellis
A.F.C. Hean
R.G. Jones
I. Koerner
M.A. Lebowitz
E.S. Lett
C.H. McLean
G.N. Perry
G.M. Shrum
S. Wasserman

,\ -6---L
The Chairman opened the meeting and requested the Secretary to speak
on a question pertaining to passes which permit individuals to attend the
open sessions. The Secretary referred to precedent and indicated that the
passes which had been in use required the placing thereon of an individual's
name. The passes are provided only on individual request and not in bulk.
A question had arisen in that a request for a bulk issue of psss had been
made and this had been refused. Reference was made to the fact that a number
of individuals were seated in the audience without passes. Senate was requested
to indicate its wishes in this matter.
Discussion followed on the reasons for the original issuing of passes
and following discussion, without formal motion, it was agreed that in future
passes would not be required for attendance at the open session but that
individuals would be admitted so long as there was space available to
accommodate them. In the event that difficulties are encountered Senate would
again give consideration to the matter of issuing of pases.
The Chairman noted that this was the first meeting at which an Agenda
had been prepared in
with the Senate Agenda Advisory Committee.
The Secretary explained that the length of the Agenda resulted from the fact
that a number of items of business had been uncompleted for some ime and
the Agenda Committee felt it would be in the interests of Senate to have a
clear picture of items which had come forward to Senate for decision as early
as possible.
Discussion commenced on the matter of placement of items on the open
agenda as compared with placement on the closed agenda.. The Chairman explained
the nature of the decision in regards to one item in respect of having it
placed on the closed agenda, thereby leaving it to Senate to determine whether
or not it wished such item to be placed on an open agenda at some future
meeting. Reference was made to earlier decisions of Senate to the effect that
items which appear on an open agenda can be moved to the closed, session immediately
following by the passing of a motion to that effect at Senate in the open session
and reference was also made to the fact that an item which appears in the closed
agenda may be moved to an open session at the next following meeting or any
meeting thereafter by decision of Senate. Reference was made to Paper S124
in this connection which had been earlier approved by Senate.
The Chairman indicated that he wished to place before Senate an item
dealing with Library Fines as this item had come to attention following issue
of the Agenda. Dean MacKinnon indicated that he wished Item 5B under New
Business on the Agenda to be withdrawn from the Agenda as there would be
a paper forthcoming at a future time which would give broader interpretation
than currently indicated, and in accordance with the request the item was
withdrawn. The item concerning Library Fines was inserted as Item 5B under
New Business.
Senate was requested to indicate its approval of the Agenda and the
Chairman ruled the Agenda approved.

(a) Approval of Minutes of Open Meeting of May
1st, 1968
As no objections were raised the Chairman ruled that the minutes
of May 1st were approved.
(b) Minutes of meeting of August 19th, 1968 (open meeting)
W. Hamilton requested that page 7 of the minutes be amended,
deleting paragraph 1 and replacing the item as follows:
"W. Hamilton suggested that the secretary of Senate review
Senate minutes from the inception thereof, abstract procedural
motions of the type having a continuing effect on Senate
procedures, and make such abstracts available to each of the
existing and future senators, with provision for periodic
updating. The Chairman indicated this would be done in the
course of certain activities now underway."
It was agreed
this change be made.
It was noted that A. Hean was indicated as having attended the
meeting of August 19th, and his name appears in further items of the
minutes. Correction is required to replace A.Hean with the name
N. Collins. This change was approved.
G. Sperling requested that Page 6, Item 7 be amended with an
insertion before the motion to the effect that Professor Cochran
pointed out that the new courses in Physics could be offered specifically
for non-science majors as there are new two extra faculty in the Physics
Department. Considerable discussion followed as to whether or not such
insertion should be made, both in terms of the accuracy of the insertion
and the matter of the types of minutes to be prepared by the Secretary.
The Secretary noted that Senate previously had indicated that minutes
primarily would indicate items of business completed or undertaken
showing appropriate motions and the decisions thereon. It was further
noted that a verbatim report was to be made available in the Registrar's
Office for Senators who might wish to have access to same. Guidance from
Senate in this connection was requested by the Secretary.
The Chairman ruled that in future if a particular Senator wished
comment specifically included in the minutes he should indicate this
fact when the comments are made,on the understanding that the ruling
would apply to future discussions.
Moved by G. Sperling, seconded by D. Korbin:
"that item 7,
page 6 of
the minutes of August 19th, 1968 include
the statement
Cochran indicated that these courses
could be now
of feréd to
non-science majors as there are two

additional faculty in the Physics Department.
Moved by W. Vidavcr, seconded by W. Hamilton:
"that the motion be tabled until Professor Cochran
is contacted for information".
13 in favour
3 against
The Chairman ruled that the minutes of August 19th be approved
with the amendments as noted with the exception of the item tabled.
and from August 19th, 1968.
(a) Definition of Requirements for Honours Degree and First Class
Standing - (S125, S12
The Secretary explained that at an earlier meeting decision had
been made to refer Paper S125, and S125a to the Faculties of Education
and Science, but this apparently had not been done. It was noted that
the particular topic had been under review and referral to Senate on
•a number of occasions without decision and instruction was requested
as to whether or not the items should be referred to the two faculties
noted. Considerable discussion followed and reference was made to
Paper S118. It was agreed that reference to Second Class Honours in
paper S125 and 125A should be deleted.
Moved by W. Hamilton, seconded by J. Walkley:
"that the previous instructions be recinded."
3 in favour
12 opppsed
Noting that the next meeting of Senate is scheduled for October 7th,
it was moved by S. Wong, seconded by J. Walkley:
"that faculties be instructed to report action on this matter to
Senate by the next meeting."
13 in favour
7 opposed

It was understood that it would be the intent of Senate to come toai
decision on this matter at the October meeting.
Graduate Student Association, referendum required - (Paperá?
S126 refers).
The Secretary indicated that the referendum proposed by Senate
had not been held because of the mail strike but would be held early in
the Fall Semester, 1968.
Report of Committee to consider representation of specific
groups within the student body - interim oral report -
W. Williams.
W. Williams gave a brief oral report indicating that he had assumed
the Chairmanship of the Committee on the departure of M. Lebowitz, that
discussions had taken place but it would be Inié to provide a
report at the current meeting. It is expected that a report will be presented
by the October meeting.
(d) Other Items.
D. Korbin referred to a question raised at the August 19th meeting
by N. Lebowitz in connection with the election of a Senator, by Senate,
to the Board of Governors, with reference to the expiry date of the term
of office a Senator and whether.such expiry date would mean termination
of the individual's office on the Board of Governors. The Secretary was
requested to review this matter, and a progress report was now requested.
The Secretary commented on this item and indicated that legal opinion
was being sought.
(a) Report of the Committee to study the constitution and functions
of governing bodies of the University - R.J. Baker.
R. Baker gave an oral report outlining the nature of work and
divisions of work being considered by the Committee. Reference was made
to communications sent by the Committee to Interim Council and the
concern of the committee that conflicting recommendations not be forth-
coming from a number of bodies.
Moved by K. Burstein, seconded by R. Baker:
"that the report be received as presented, that the
committee be thanked and that the committee be
Considerable discussion followed. A suggestion was made that a new
committee be appointed if necessary.
The Chairman noted that the Perry Committee will be accepting briefs
from all interested-parties by October 15th, and considered the topics
under review by the Commi'ttee to be of considerable importance.
2 in favour
13 opposed

The Chairman again emphasized the importance of the particular
topics under review by the Committee and necessity of early consideration
and action if appropriate briefs are to be provided to the Perry Conunission
by Siiion Fraser University.
;Moved by J. Walkley, seconded by K. Burstein:
"that the committee, irrespective of the presentation
or non-presentation of the report of Interim Council
circulate its report, not necessarily with recommendations,
before the next meeting of Senate, and that this committee
then be disbanded."
Amendment to the motion was moved by W. Hamilton, seconded by
S. Foulds:
"to strike out the words 'not necessarily with' and
replace them with 'including specific'."
15 in favour.
Amendment to the motion was moved by B. D'Aoust, seconded by
W. Vidaver:
"strike out the words 'circulate its report' and the words
'for the next meeting of Senate' and replace with the words
'circulate its report by October 7th, and the report to be the
sole item of an agenda for a speial meeting to be held
October 10th."
12 in favour
7 opposed
K. Okuda noted that in the original motion reference was made
to disbandment of the committee when its report is presented and it
was agreed by the mover and seconder that the final clause "and that
this committee then be disbanded" be deleted. Vote on the main motion
as amended was then undertaken.
"This committee, irrespective of the presentation or non-
presentation of the report of Interim Council, circulate its
report, including specific recommendations, by October 7th)
and the report to be the sole item of an agenda for a special
meeting to be held October 10th."
17 in favour
2 opposed

• .'
(b) Report of the Committee to study the terms of appointment and
tenure of members of faculty - Paper S131. S131a. - W. Vidaver.
W. Vidaver referred to the report which had been released earlier
and spoke to the report. Following discussion, it was ruled by the
Chairman that Senate enter Committee of the Whole for discussion.
W. Vidaver indicated that he proposed to have his committee
give further consideration to the report to up-date it in view of
developments which had taken place within the university.
Moved by W. Williams, seconded by M. Collins:
"that the report be received."
Moved by D. Tuck, seconded by R. Harper:
"that the open session adjourn."
12 in favour
6 opposed
Request for recording of negative votes were made by S. Wong,
J. Walkley, D. Korbin, B. D'Aoust.
H.M. Evans,
NOTE: Following the adjournment of the Open Session and movement into the
Closed Session it was noted that an urgent item of business on the Agenda
of the Open Session had not been considered. It was therefore ruled that
this item would be considered in the Closed Session, but that the recording
thereof would appear in this note as a part of the items of the Open Session.
Moved by S. Wong, seconded by J. Walkley:
"that the resignation of A. MacPherson as Faculty of Arts
representative be accepted with regret and that election
for a replacement be called."
H.M. Evans,

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